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I know what you’re thinking… this is just another geeky blog by another geek. Luckily, most of us geeks read multiple geeky information sources, so there’s room for everyone (though we’re not like everyone else). 

Anyway, welcome to Nerdwise – a chosen sources for all things geek and pop culture. Now that the introduction is out of the way, you may be wondering what makes Nerdwise different from the million other blogs. We strive to provide tons of original content and products that are geeky in their own way. By products, we’re not referring to another Twitch stream channel. All our stuff is painstakingly crafted to bring entertainment to anyone that wants to be entertained.  I know, you’ve probably heard that before. So, where’s the proof? Well, because our webmaster is an old-school veteran gamer, he wanted to bring the joy of the retro style arcade to the modern age (by old, he’s only 31).  What else can you expect? Frequent posts about, reviews, a future Twitch channel, a live broadcast or two, and much more. We’re not going to try and reinvent the wheel… we just want to make it better.


The things we have or do that separate us from other geek blogs. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. Hopefully you’ll agree that we’ve made it better.

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Here’s where we put our products on display. Each one is design to be geeky in it’s own way.

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This is the part that you’ve been waiting for. We strive to keep you as updated as possible with all things geeky.

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Our review collection of handed movies, TV, and comics/graphic novels. Keep an eye out for great titles that you missed.

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We do our best to stay active on social media and maintain a consistent presence. We look forward to talking about geeky thing as our community grows.

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