Deadpool 2 Director Shortlist Includes John Wick's David Leitch

Deadpool broke every box-office record an R-rated movie can break, and even boasted the biggest opening weekend of any of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men movies (regardless of rating). The fact that Deadpool 2 was quickly confirmed with the same creative team of director Tim Miller along with writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick came as absolutely no surprise.

But not all surprises are pleasant. Tim Miller was apparently never formally signed to direct Deadpool 2, but, according to Deadline and other sources, he left the project because of “creative differences” with Ryan Reynolds. Miller was developing the Deadpool 2 script with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and it’s not clear how far along they were in that regard. Apparently, the exit was amicable, but it still leaves the most anticipated superhero sequel without a director.

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Make no mistake, Tim Miller was a massive part of Deadpool‘s appeal. Miller, Rheese, Wernick, and Reynolds all lobbied to make that movie happen over the course of several years when all conventional wisdom indicated that it was a lost cause. 20th Century Fox will need to find a similarly adventurous and passionate director to step in for Deadpool 2 in order to make the magic happen again.

But now there are reports surfacing that 20th Century Fox has someone in mind. According to Mashable (who were the first to report the news) that top choice is John Wick director David Leitch. Variety has since reported that Leitch has been hired as the replacement, while Deadline says that other directors, including Drew Goddard and Magnus Martens. John Wick is one of the best, most adventurous action movies of recent years, so Leitch would be a sensible choice, but it would be tough to say to no to Cabin in the Woods‘ Drew Goddard, too.

Deadpool 2 Release Date

Collider caught up with Simon Kinberg back in June who confirmed that “[original Deadpool screenwriters] Wernick and Rheese are working on the script and we hope to have a script very soon.” As for when it might go before the cameras, that’s a little more vague, but he does say that they “hope to shoot the movie around the beginning of next year.”

20th Century Fox has two dates on its 2018 calendar reserved for Marvel/X-Men related properties: March 2nd and June 29th. If Deadpool 2 does indeed go into production in early 2017, then one of those is certainly possible. I’d lean towards the March date since it’s fairly close to where the first film opened (which was in February), but obviously this can all change at the drop of a hat.

The change of director may delay things further, though.

Published at Mon, 31 Oct 2016 11:10:00 +0000

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