New Robotech Comics Details Surface

The protoculture has finally been replenished and Robotech is back with brand new stories in comic book form! Titan Comics announced at SDCC 2016 that they’d be taking on the Robotech comic license, partnering with Harmony Gold to release the new series in early 2017.

For those not in the know, Robotech aired in the mid 80’s and followed three generations of humanity fighting off alien threats, such as the gigantic Zentraedi, the triumvirates of the Robotech Masters, and the battle hungry Invid. Along the way the characters grew and changed, the story being heavily serialized, which was uncommon in those days of kids animation.

So far the covers released for the comic heavily feature the Macross saga characters. Does that mean we’ll only be seeing Macross era stories? Vice Preisdent of Marking at Harmony Gold, Kevin McKeever explains, “The Macross saga is very popular, it’s very iconic.” If you want to relaunch a comic that’s the way you go about it but they also want to explore the other series as well. Robotech Masters and the New Generation. It’s more a business type of perspective, to use Macross as the gateway.”

But why did Harmony Gold go with Titan Comics over any others? President of Animation at Harmony Gold, Tommy Yune relates that they were approached by multiple companies and that it was a tough decision but they eventually went with Titan because of the, “editorial quality. The amount of attention they pay to the Doctor Who franchise made them stand out.”

Direct Sales & Marketing Manager of Titan, Ricky Claydon, had this to say about the new comic series.

At Titan we’re thrilled to be publishing brand new Robotech comic books. It’s a privilege to contribute to the rich galactic tapestry of such a beloved franchise. Titan Comics promises to delight original fans and newcomers alike.

With the unveiling of the Waltrip art for the first issue, Titan has proved they are aware of the past of Robotech comics and when the team suggested a big Robotech name? Titan didn’t draw a blank, they responded with, “Oh yeah. Those guys!” 

There’s no word on any creative team for the books, but those will be coming soon. The most recent Robotech comic was a team up with another 80’s animation classic, Voltron, that featured characters from the Macross saga.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, there was a huge slew of Robotech comics from a variety of publishers, including Comico, Eternity, Academy, and Antarctic Press. We’ve learned all of those comics will be republished after the new Robotech comics debut.

Billy Davis, Executive Vice President of Harmony Gold also observes that the comics, new or old, could become a source of material for the movies in the future. So clearly that means a hundred million dollar adaptation of Return to Macross, right? The team can only laugh, but who knows? If the Robotech movie is popular enough, anything is possible.

Shamus Kelley remembers that time Robotech teamed up with Ninja High School. Comics were weird back then. Follow him on Twitter!

Published at Mon, 19 Dec 2016 19:20:00 +0000

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