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Nerdwise was born out an idea and a planned trip to a local Comic-Con. That idea was to interview all of the artistic talent that was present as the Con and post it to a comic oriented website. That trip spawned into a very unconventional and hilarious interview. Since that interview, we have worked diiligently to create as much original starting content as possible. Over the past year, we’ve decided that the original site needed a much needed facelift.

Our Missin

Enter Nerdwise 2.0. The new focus of our site is to maintain a more active presence on the web/socail media, create more original and engaging content, and establish ourselves as one of the go to industry sources. Over the past year, we admit that life has gotten in the way and we’ve neglected our site and Facebook page. Our redesigned site is more than a redesign. It’s an affirmation to recommit to what started out as a small passion project and turn it into a developing publication. 

Our Team


Nick Linger

A natural born geek with particular tastes to boot. More specifically: video games, comics/graphic novels, and movies. He also loves travel and photography.

Writer & Editor

Alexa Linger

Another natural born geek with her own passions and interests. They include: reading, writing, painting, traveling, movies and going to museums.

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