After 17 years of being off the air, the original Dragonball Z makes its comeback and still packs quite a punch. The original English cast from the show are present in this film and I’m so glad they’re agreed to this movie. I mean honestly, who could’ve done this job better? Anyway, most fans have probably already taken the time to watch this movie multiple times since its release last year. But for those that enjoyed the show but haven’t made the time to enjoy the nostalgia, this review should help provide a general overview and impressions of the film.

Seeing as it’s been 17 years since any original material featuring the original story arc has been released, we’re greeted with essentially a very brief overview from the show before being thrown into a fairly well paced new story. Majinn Boo has been beaten and Earth is safe again, at least until the God of Destruction, Beerus wakes up from a nearly 40 year sleep. While the original show introduced many supposed “lords” of death and destruction, Beerus is definitely the most literal threat. The purpose to Beerus’s awakening is basically to find an opponent worthy to fight a God. After learning that Freeza was beaten by Goku, Beerus’s intrigue gets the better of him and sets out to find the so called Super Saiyan God. Though there are a few moments (particularly regarding the dragon Shenlong) in the film that you’re sitting and wondering “holy crap is every entity in the universe afraid of this guy”?

This pretty much sets the stage for the rest of the movie which I won’t spoil but it won’t be that dramatically different how events unfold in the original show. However, I will say that the animation styles and effects are brighter, bolder, and just damn awesome to watch. The advances in technology for how anime is done have been put to great use in this film. If you like various animation styles, you’ll find a very nice blend of CGI and other digital animated techniques.

The best scenes in the movie to showcase these points are the fight scenes themselves. Unlike the original show, the animation was slowed down just enough for you to actually see the fully contact of punches and everything in between. The fight between Goku and Berrus towards the end, bring everything that we as fans of the original to center stage and allows to sit in awe. While the action is more intense in the Uncut version of the film, it still retains the charm and humor that captured the attention of kids across the globe back in the 90s’ through the 2000s’. This movie is definitely befitting to the series in both story and visual effects. To fans like myself, I was mesmerized by the barrage of lighting effects and everything else that made me love the series when I was younger and I’m glad to see that the integrity of the original series was respected.

Written by Nick Linger

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