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Son of Batman Review

So consider me late to this special animated cinematic piece between father and son. Not going to lie, the overall content leans more toward an R rating than a PG-13 rating (in my personal opinion). If you’ve been reading Batman comics for years or watching his...

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Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods Review

After 17 years of being off the air, the original Dragonball Z makes its comeback and still packs quite a punch. The original English cast from the show are present in this film and I’m so glad they’re agreed to this movie. I mean honestly, who could’ve done this job...

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Zombie Tramp: Year One Review

After just glancing at the Risque variant cover of Zombie Tramp : Year One, there isn’t much of a way to judge this tale by the cover other than saying “What the ****!”. Within the first 10 pages of this strange and somehow charming narrative, gives way to that first...

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Oink: Heaven’s Butcher Review

Originally published in 1996, Oink: Heaven’s Butcher is comic artist John Mueller’s dark, perverse, and beautifully illustrated graphic novel that is set in an Orwellian society where men are crossbred with pigs by the church-turned-state (run by Cardinal Bacaar) to...

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Mr Punch: 20th Anniversary Review

English author Neil Gaiman (Coraline, The Sandman series) spins a beautifully intricate tale like only he can with The Comical Tragedy or Tragical Comedy of Mr. Punch, better known simply as Mr. Punch. Originally published in 1994, Mr. Punch is narrated by a young boy...

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I Hate Fairyland: Madly Ever After Review

Disclaimer: The comic is NOT appropriate for minors under 18 and is only intended for mature readers. Looking at the cover of I Hate Fairyland, it’s obviously not meant for younger readers. With the graphic depiction of the curly, green-haired protagonist, Gertrude,...

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