So consider me late to this special animated cinematic piece between father and son. Not going to lie, the overall content leans more toward an R rating than a PG-13 rating (in my personal opinion). If you’ve been reading Batman comics for years or watching his heroics on the silver screen, then it was only a matter of time until the “how would things paly out if Batman had a child” scenario would be attempted or written. Well to not many people’s surprise, this was an enjoyable experience to watch. While the surprise of who the mother was (daughter of Ras’ Al Ghul) it’s wasn’t hard to see the resemblance with Bruce. After the opening with an extremely vicious attack on the League of Assassins compound by Deathstroke, Damian is taken to Gotham to meet his father for the first time. After Bruce meets the boy, the shock doesn’t last long and takes Damian back to the Bat Cave at Wayne Manor. While Damian displays strong signs of ambition and extreme skill, Bruce takes notice of the vengeful drive that pushes his son to punish Deathstroke for not only kidnapping his mom but killing his grandfather. Upon seeing all these traits in Damian, Bruce begins to tutor Damian. As Bruce teaches his son the art of discipline, self-control and a stronger sense of morality, Damian is very resistant. It not until going after one of Deathstroke’s henchmen alone that he gets the attention of Nightwing (the original Robin) that he begins to realize that his upbringing in the League isn’t necessarily the right way to go about accomplishing your ambitions. So Damian dawns the Robin outfit to further learn the ways of his father. I won’t spoil the rest of the movie but I will say that final fight with Deathstroke and the ending are satisfying enough to make this re-watchable.

Written by Nick Linger

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