After just glancing at the Risque variant cover of Zombie Tramp : Year One, there isn’t much of a way to judge this tale by the cover other than saying “What the ****!”. Within the first 10 pages of this strange and somehow charming narrative, gives way to that first of many WTF impressions throughout.

It begins with our zombie starlet, Janey (once a high profile escort to Hollywood), hitch-hiking along the side of a desert road in the Midwest. She starts off lightly recounting the events that lead up to her being turned into a zombie, while “normalizing” her body (using the Necronomicon) to appear living to get a ride. She gets picked up by the very type of man (the ones that do a favor for a “favor”) that fuels hers deep rage, only to kill him after arriving in Las Vegas.

Her visit to Vegas takes a series of strange turns that put her on a collision course with an undead Elvis impersonating pimp (yes, you read that correctly). What ensues, is a hilarious and horrible attempt for the Elvis pimp to marry Janey. And if you can’t guess how this situation turns out (no spoilers), I’ll just say it’s violently hilarious. Despite an undead Elvis pimp, Janey’s ability to find herself n ridiculous situations, like trying to outrun a gang of werewolf truckers after kicking @$$ in an underground fight club or contemplating taking the virginity of a lonely nerd that steals her Necronomicon, will leave just as perplexed as before.

About halfway through the book is when Janey starts to detail her early life as a low level prostitute for a Florida pimp and what fuels her rage to find her old pimp again. It was during this section of the story that I really began to sympathize with a very mistreat, exploited, and pissed off young woman. This is where the deeper character development really shines from the rest of the book. The details from her early life to her coming back from the dead force you to still view Janey as a human as much as she is a homicidal zombie.

By the end of Year One, you’re left thinking “What the ****?” and every feeling in between but you won’t be able to easily deny that through all of the ridiculousness, it was totally worth experiencing. After all of the witty dialogue, dirty minded jokes and frequent use of the F-word, it’s difficult to say which encounters are more hilarious, I’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself.

Written by Nick Linger


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